On the day of your wedding, you’ll be running around like crazy and even though you will have a solid group of people around you to help with everything – you’re likely to forget a few essentials that won’t come to mind until you absolutely need them.

Check out our list of unexpected wedding-day essentials for your big day:



Most weddings take place during the summer months and if you’re having a destination wedding, this is absolutely necessary. The last thing you’ll want is to ruin your photos with a sunburnt face or worse yet, not be able to enjoy your wedding night because you can’t be touched and need all the aloe vera in the world to soothe your skin. Be proactive and slather on the SPF!

Allergy Medicine

Puffy eyes, scratchy throat, and running nose are a terrible look for your wedding day. Bring your meds but most importantly – make sure you get the non-drowsy version so you’re not falling asleep halfway through the speeches.

Backup Rings

No matter how much you trust the person who is in charge of your wedding rings for the day, have a backup! We all know the story of a friend of a friend who’s brother forgot the rings back at the hotel. Don’t let it happen to you, have the faux rings on hand and give them to a professional like your officiant or day of coordinator.

Bug Spray

This is another essential for those destination weddings or ceremonies in the forest. You’ll want to be focused on reading your vows out loud instead of slapping away mosquitos. When looking for a bug spray, make sure you get something with a mild scent and no sticky residue.


If you’re likely to have a nervous tummy (or maybe you did a little too much pre-celebration celebrating), this is a must-have. If you’ve never taken one before, antacids (like TUMS) neutralize excess stomach acid to relieve heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, and stomach upset.

Blister Bandages

These are the types of things that are so easy to forget but make all the difference. If you’re wearing brand new shoes that haven’t been broken in, preemptive blister bandages are a lifesaver and will help get you through the whole day and take you right into a night of dancing without having to take your shoes off from pain!


Even though this should be taken care of by your officiant, it’s never a bad thing to be over-prepared. Print them out and have them folded away somewhere should the need arise. If you don’t end up needing them, you can always give the copy to your partner as a keepsake.

Marriage License

Speaking of absolute essentials, this is probably the most important item on the list! At my own wedding, the marriage license somehow got left behind in the limo. Luckily, our officiant was the consummate professional and had a copy on hand! Whatever you do, always have eyes on the marriage license.


This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how long you can go without properly hydrating when you’re in the whirlwind of a wedding day. No one wants to pass out at their ceremony because they forgot good old H2O. Make sure someone has a bottle on hand and reminds you to take a sip every so often.


Let’s be real, things WILL go wrong. As long as you don’t throw an epic fit over something not going to plan, you’ll be fine, and your guests probably won’t even know something didn’t go the way it was supposed to. If you’re having trouble relaxing, try a calming essential oil like lavender or ylang-ylang. You’ve done all you can, now it’s time to breathe and enjoy yourself in this beautiful moment as much as you can!