Weddings are such a happy time and your guests want to shower you with love and gifts – the downside of that, however, is that sometimes you end up with gifts you don’t want or need (seriously, who gifts a blender anymore?).

Registries no longer mean just strolling through a department store with your soon-to-be-spouse and picking out things you’ll probably never use – below we have a few more modern options for engaged couples to consider:


Honeymoon Registry

Typically, this is just a beautifully decorated box where your guests can drop a card and a cheque to contribute to your honeymoon. But we’re living in the age of technology! Websites like Honey Fund allow you to not only choose the location you’ll be travelling to, but also the activities you’ll be doing while on your honeymoon – we’re talking a candlelit dinner in Santorini, couples massages in Bali, or a night at an extravagant hotel in Rome. Instead of losing or forgetting to deposit a cheque, your guests can simply go to your honeymoon registry and contribute in any way they like.

Gift Card Registry

Often, finding all the items you like at one place is an impossible task and you probably end up adding things to your registry that otherwise you’d feel indifferent about.This is where a gift card registry comes in. Companies like Card Avenue let you build a registry as unique as you are. From Amazon to Pottery Barn and everything in between, a gift card registry is the perfect solution for modern couples.

Cross – Brand Registry

This option is great for couples that prefer a more traditional approach. Again, many couples struggle with choose where exactly to register from. The fix is a company such as Zola that allows you to pick and choose specific items from as many brands as you like. Whether you’ve got your eye on a Kitchen-Aid Mixer or a Ted Baker luggage set – this is a one stop shop with the ease of online shopping for your guests.