Wedding Tech

Ensuring each end every guest enjoys your day is important as a good host. Today, that means ensuring that there are adequate points to charge ones phone, tablet, camera, GoPro etc. This short list of essential wedding tech will ensure your guests stay charged all night long.

We can’t expect everyone to remember to bring their Lightning cable or the USB cable that hooks up to their camera so let’s take just a few minutes to make sure we’ve got that covered.


You probably don’t need to do too much thinking to have a good idea of what wedding tech the devices your guests will bring to your wedding. Most of them will probably have an iPhone, and those things lose battery like water through a sieve. Here is a short list of other devices to consider that guests may bring.

Devices to consider:

  • iPhones
  • Android phones – some devices use the old USB and some use the newer USB-C variety, the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 for example.
  • GoPro cameras – charge with standard USB cables.
  • DSLR cameras – some brands like Sony can charge from a standard USB cable.

Connection Types:

A simple solution is to purchase a small USB hub that will allow you to connect multiple charging cables at one time. You can pick these up on Amazon cheap and with Prime.

Once you have a vessel to deliver power, plug in those cords. You know your gets best so think about how many of each you’ll need. Setup the USB hub and it’s various cords in a comfortable spot where guests can have a quick sit or will feel comfortable leaving their device plugged in.

Keeping your guests’ devices charged will be crucial to them taking and collecting photos on your behalf, take here at how to get guests to use your unique wedding hashtag.

Our Recommendations:

Anker store on Amazon – Anker makes attractive and reliable products at a great price and is our number one recommendation when buying chargers, cords and batteries. below are three of our favourites, all Prime and all great prices.