Encourage your guests to use your hashtag.

What is in a name, or in this case, a hashtag? with social sharing as common and popular as it is everyone at your wedding will be posting photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. While you may not care about all of those photos, you’ll want to have the ability to capture some of them. Beyond that, there are a few more reasons why you may want to come up with a clever hashtag for your wedding.

  1. It gives you an easy way to search on your selected platform to find those photos later for safe-keeping, photo albums or resharing.
  2. Lets your guests feel like they are involved in documenting the event, empowering them to take great, shareable photos on your behalf.
  3. Provides a marketable one-liner for invite text, emails and conversations.

Choosing a Hashtag

If you do a quick Google search you’ll find any number of websites that will take your first and/or last names, mash them together and insert some cliche wedding phrase or word somewhere. Not particularly original or memorable in most cases. Furthermore, they tend to rely on a Bride & Groom configuration which prioritizes the grooms last name. #notcool

instead of relying on one of these mundane hashtag generators start thinking about what your hashtag could be, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • What do you want the hashtag to represent? a wedding? love? or some other change?
  • Are there any events in your past as a couple that you can draw on to create a humorous or ironic hashtag that only your friends and family will understand? or that makes a great case for an awesome story!
  • Ask your friends to help you come up with something, often the people looking in will see something you yourself don’t.
  • If you’re having bachelors or bachelorettes parties ask your friends to come up with the hashtag for you so it’s a surprise and don’t be angry if it’s a bit sly or silly.

Some Ideas

A Bachelorette Hashtag

I have a friend with the last name Dyck, she’s eager to get rid of her last name. In a conversation with some other friends, we came up with a few wedding hashtags unique to her and her situation. #Just1Dyck #NoMoreDyck While these may be more appropriate for a bachelorette party, they nicely demonstrate the value behind taking personal situations and turning them into something playful and meaningful.

Two Become One

If you and your partner have developed a combined name over the years, it’s likely that your friends and family will be familiar with this and it somehow represents the best in both of you. These hashtag pairings tend to exist widely for celebrities, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez became Bennifer, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became Brangelina.

You don’t need to have anything you don’t want to for your wedding or any other related activities. Do the things you and your partner want to do, this time is about you. Remember to have fun!

Get the template

We’ve created an easy-to-edit template for Adobe Photoshop that you can use to create your own wedding hashtag sign, including three different decorations!

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