Combining Traditions

Traditions, cultures and the families that they stem from, are the backdrop to many weddings.

However, when it comes to taking two different cultures, each with their own sets of rules, customs, and must-haves – it can quickly becoming a daunting task to figure out exactly how to combine them in a way that makes sense and maintains a respectful agenda.


The following are a few ways that couples can mash up the best of both worlds for every portion of their big day!


Are there certain rites of passage in your culture that happen during the preparation of a wedding? This is the time to include those factors – remember, the wedding isn’t just saying your “I do’s” – you have the opportunity to make this day special to you from the very start. It could be something as simple as passing down a family heirloom or following in the footsteps of the Greeks and getting a close shave with your groomsmen! Regardless of your background, don’t forget to incorporate some culture into the start of your big day.


Traditional garb is a wonderful way to give a nod to your (or your future spouse’s) culture. When you don this clothing is up to you, but for simplicity’s sake – the ceremony is probably your best bet. Break out the tartan, the yarmulke, the bindi, the white dress/suit – whatever it may be that has cultural significance to you, and honour it during your ceremony and then switch it up for the reception!


Speaking of ceremonies, there isn’t a single place that doesn’t have its own special ways of celebrating the joining of two people in marriage. Once again, the ceremony is a great place to bring out these special moments. Whether you’re jumping the broom, wearing a ring of flowers, or lighting a candle together – figure out what is the most meaningful to you and add it to your ceremony. If you want to keep it simple, talk to your officiant and ask them to incorporate a poem, blessing, or other meaningful text from your personal backgrounds.


If you’d rather keep your ceremony short and sweet – then the reception is another time you can include some traditions and an extra bonus is that the ceremony is done, the pressure is off, and everyone is relaxed and ready to party! So start breaking some plates, have a traditional dance, or treat your guests to a blend of your favourite dishes from your respective cultures! Your guests are excited to share this special day with you and whatever you have planned, chances are, they’ll be up for it.


When in doubt, repeat this phrase to yourselves “It’s OUR wedding and it can be LITERALLY anything WE want it to be”. Everyone will put in their two cents but remember, you don’t owe anyone anything! The exciting part of planning a wedding is making it special to YOU and making it something completely different and unique is absolutely an option. Create your own traditions – have a sand mixing ceremony or put together a wine box to open on your first wedding anniversary. Get creative and have fun!